How It Works

Recipient Agencies

K12FOODSERVICE.COM offers Recipient Agencies an easy & effective way to manage their commodity program. We offer excellent customer support and resources. Our customer support team is available for one-on-one or group trainings upon request.

  • Reports & Account Management
  • Commodity Program Overview
  • Account Summary - Balance by Multiple Manufacturers
  • SEPDS (Pass-Through Value) Information by Product
  • Invoice Search capabilities
  • Commodity Balances & Usage
  • Distributor Change Requests
  • Various reports to better manage and support your commodity assets


K12FOODSERVICE.COM is available for distributors interested in offering commodity-discounted products to school customers.

K12 Services, Inc. provides certification, training, management tools, and support at no cost to the distributor. By utilizing K12FOODSERVICE.COM, distributors can effectively manage bill-backs to the manufacturer with accuracy & transparency.

K12 Services, Inc. supports over 225 distributors across the country. To learn more about how you can offer this valuable service to your school customers, please CLICK HERE.


K12FOODSERVICE.COM manages your company's commodity processing program from start to finish. Everything from USDA raw material receipts to individual school purchases are captured & reported for ease of administration & management.

Customer Service

K12 Services, Inc. prides itself in our customer service. Whenever a client or customer calls, they will always speak with someone. We offer one-on-one tutorials for you and your staff as well as support for the use of our website for your customers, distributors and broker partners..


K12FOODSERVICE.COM is a transaction-based system built on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) which translates to transparency of data for all user levels.

CPA Audit Function

K12FOODSERVICE.COM is a web based tracking system; this allows auditing from any location at any time which will mean cost savings to the manufacturer when conducting their USDA Audit as required under 7CFR250.18(b) & 7CFR250.30(c).


The data available in K12FOODSERVICE.COM is available 24/7 enabling your customers to view their commodity information at anytime. The ease of access to the tools available allows your company's sales team to analyze customer data in order to formulate a sound sales strategy. The various reports available allow your sales team to identify potential issues (reduction in sales, unused commodity balances, & unrealized value pass through) by distributor, region, state, or customer.


K12FOODSERVICE.COM is available to brokers that represent any of the manufacturers providing this valuable tool.

Brokers have access to the following manufacturer/customer data:

  • SEPDS (Pass-Through Value) Information by Product
  • Allocations & Allocation Updates
  • Balances
  • Invoice Information
  • Distributor Bill-back Reports

These reports are designed to allow you to better assist your customers, improve participation & make better diversion decisions.


K12FOODSERVICE.COM provides user level access and reporting tools which allow the cooperative leadership the ability to manage the commodity processing activity of its members. This level of detail supports the goal of the cooperative which is to maximize all members' entitlement usage.

  • Membership Directory
  • SEPDS (Pass-Through Value) Information by Product
  • Recipient Agency Balance Reports
  • Product Usage Reports

Management Companies

K12FOODSERVICE.COM provides user level access and reporting tools to allow the ability to oversee the commodity processing activity of its operators. This level of detail supports the goal of the management company which is to maximize client entitlement usage.

The following information is available to participating Management Companies:

  • SEPDS (Pass-Through Value) Information by Product
  • Customer Balances
  • Product Usage Reports
  • Customer Invoice Information

State Agencies

K12 Services, Inc. offers a management tool for State Agencies to monitor compliance as well as Recipient Agency accounts for those manufacturers who provide K12FOODSERVICE.COM.

There are numerous reports available to State Agencies to assist in data management and reporting of commodity sales activity.

  • Recipient Agency Balance Reports
  • EPDS (Pass-Through Value) Information by Product
  • Truckload Receipts (D/Os)
  • Monthly Performance Reports (MPRs) with Accompanying Documentation
  • Transaction Download Capabilities

State Agencies can download monthly performance report transactions, product usage, and recipient agency account balances to incorporate into the States' existing tracking systems.


Manufacturers provide access to K12FOODSERVICE.COM to better assist USDA Agencies with monitoring their contractual compliance.

There are numerous reports available to the USDA to assist in data management and reporting of commodity sales activity:

  • EPDS Information (Pass-Thru Values)
  • Recipient Agency Balances
  • Recipient Agency Invoice Information
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Truckload Receipts (D/Os)